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Jago. The Exhibition
Palazzo Bonaparte
dal 12-03-2022 al 03-07-2022

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Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome is hosting the first major exhibition dedicated to Jago from 12 March to 3 July 2022.

Jago, pseudonym of Jacopo Cardillo, born in Frosinone in 1987, a refined sculptor with Michelangelo's reminiscences, is known worldwide as "The Social Artist" for his innate communication skills and his great success on social networks.

Jago combines great creative talent with the use of the most contemporary means of communication. And like all great artists, he gets to the heart of the audience, who love him, or rather adore him. He is a rock star, and he passes on his love of art to young people.

Live streaming and photo and video documentation tell the story of the production process of each of his works, and through this shared path, the sculptor makes everyone participate in the genesis of each of his works.

Jago's modern genius is told for the first time in an exhibition displaying all his works to date, from the small river stones he sculpted (from Memoria di Sé to Excalibur) to the more recent monumental sculptures (the Pietà), as well as the more media-oriented works such as the Pope (Habemus Hominem).

Curated by Professor Maria Teresa Benedetti, the exhibition will feature 12 works by Jago, connoting the key elements of a work dedicated to establishing a relationship between our time and tradition...

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The first testimony is the excavation of large stones gathered in the bed of a river on the slopes of the Apuan Alps, patiently excavated in the desire to tell a personal and human story. Pity and violence intertwine in the young artist's gaze. The unhinged nudity of the Pontiff Emeritus is surprising, while the image of a Venus (2018), devoid of youthful vein, disconcerts and induces reflection. On the other hand, the presence of the Veiled Son (2019), a symbolic icon of timeless tragedies, is connected to the intense meditation on pain, enclosed in the dramatic monumentality of the Pietà (2021). At the same time, the artist proposes a theme free of history, in replicating the sequence of the heartbeat in Apparato Circolatorio (2017).

Palazzo Bonaparte will also be transformed into an artist's studio: during the months of the exhibition, Jago will work on his next imposing sculpture inside the exhibition venue, allowing visitors to participate in the creative process of his work.

The exhibition JAGO. The Exhibition is produced and organised by Arthemisia and Jago Studio.

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