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Colosseum Tour with Virtual Reality
and Exclusive Vip Access from the Arena

Live the most complete and exciting experience of the Colosseum! In a completely immersive way, thanks to the Virtual Reality Colosseum Tour and Exclusive Access from the Arena, you can enter like a Gladiator from the privileged entrance of the amphitheatre, without queues and long security checks: a real VIP entrance!

Colosseum in Virtual Reality: a new point of view of the most famous monument in the world
Our tour of the Colosseum starts right here, in the most famous square in the world. The meeting point is at the Arch of Constantine (Colosseum side). Waiting for you is our experienced staff who will help you put on your Oculus visor to begin your journey into the history of Ancient Rome among passers-by, spectators, gladiators and fierce animals.
Through our unique 3D animated and interactive reconstruction, certified by famous historians and complemented by epic music and narrative voices, and with Oculus VR technology, you will explore the Colosseum like never before! An informative, educational and entertaining experience, suitable for all ages...

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   Informaes Evento:

You will become a Roman spectator, amidst gladiatorial fights and ferocious animals, and admire the magnificence of the Colosseum of 2000 years ago, the majestic statue of Nero (the Colossus), the Meta Sudans and the Temple of Venus and Rome.
Everyone can say they have visited the Colosseum. But only you, thanks to our Colosseum Tour and Virtual Reality Arena, can say you've experienced it!

A triumphal entrance: enter through the reserved entrance of the Gladiator's Gate and step into the Arena where the shows were held!

After the Virtual Reality experience, and after understanding what the Colosseum was 2000 years ago, it's time to really get inside the monument and discover what it looks like today!
The time has come to feel like a gladiator and to access from the privileged entrance directly to the Arena floor where you will be able to admire a 360-degree panoramic view of the cavea that held up to 75,000 spectators: a panorama that will leave you breathless, with a close-up view of the underground corridors where the shows were prepared.
The entrance is privileged, allows you to skip the queue and is usually closed to the public with a normal ticket. But it's when you enter the Colosseum Arena that you can really breathe in the history of the gladiators, the ferocious beasts, the emperor and the senators.
You will make your triumphal entrance directly into the Arena, amidst the roar of the fierce lions, the applause of the crowd and the fighting of the gladiators. Then transform yourself into the Emperor and decide the fate of the wounded gladiator with a simple gesture of your thumb and decide whether to grant 'Death or Grace'!
Thanks to our guide, you will discover little-known curiosities and anecdotes. He will take you to the second vantage point: a breathtaking view, the most extraordinary place in the amphitheatre: the upper floor, where spectators sat to enjoy the famous shows.

Useful information

The area of the Colosseum Arena is reserved. To enter, visitors must provide their full name, date of birth and a valid ID. Document control is random. Children are also subject to ID checks.
The Colosseum Arena is accessible only with a specific ticket (included in our Tour) and with a professional, licensed guide.

Adult 15+: 79.50 €
Child 4-14: 64.50 €.
Infant 0-3: 0 €
Duration 2 hours
Arch of Constantine
(Colosseum side)
Every day (on request)
English (other languages on request)
No. of persons 12


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