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La Casa delle Farfalle 2018
Via Appia Pignatelli, 450
dal 30-09-2018 al 11-11-2018

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The Butterfly House: a tropical Eden in the heart of the city in Via Appia Pignatelli in Rome.

A magical and enchanted garden where you can admire hundreds of colorful tropical butterflies of rare value, free to unleash their beauty and liveliness: this is what awaits us in Romadal 24 March to 10 June with "La casa delle farfalle" set up in Via Appia Pignatelli 450.

The butterfly house is a tropical greenhouse, a corner of paradise in the heart of the city, which offers the public the opportunity to stroll amid lush vegetation, closely observing some of the world's most spectacular butterflies, following their life cycle while they feed, fly or rest in an environment that reproduces their natural habitat.
A path immersed in the wonders of nature that allows visitors to watch, and in some cases even touch live not only caterpillars and nymphs of butterflies or various types of cocoons of moths, but also other insects known for their unique characteristics , like stick insects, leaf insects and whistling cockroaches from Madagascar, and still discover the secret life of ants thanks to a dedicated section.
The exploration of the butterfly house is an unmissable experience also aimed at schools, it has in fact the goal not only to excite its visitors but also to capture attention, give birth to passions and strengthen our coexistence with nature ...

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   Informações Evento:

The butterfly house then turns into an impact educational tool, because it is simple, fun and constructive.
To make the exploration of the butterfly house more captivating and constructive, biologists and entomologists will guide visitors to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of butterflies, revealing their adaptive techniques and curiosity. Among these, Eleonora Alescio, esteemed biologist and expert breeder of one of the most colorful and admired insects in the world, as well as promoter of this important initiative:
"Butterflies, besides being among the most colorful and beautiful animals in the world, are ecological indicators that indicate the state of health of the environment with their presence or absence. The goal of La casa delle farfalle is to communicate this important concept, arousing wonder and stimulating curiosity in all those people who come to visit us. Those who want will also be able to ask us for advice on choosing the plants that most attract butterflies, to ensure that our cities become more hospitable towards these wonderful insects "(Eleonora Alescio).
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