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Monster family: The national preview is at Cinecittàa World
Cinecittàa World- Via di Castel Romano 200
il 15/10/2017
Monster Family preview at Cinecittà World October 15, 2017\r\nCinecittà World Theater 1 returns for a national preview, after the Very Bad Me 3, Monster Family arrives on October 15 at 16:00.\r\nMonster Family preview at Cinecittà World\r\nThe animated film tells the story of Emma Wishbone, owner of a small, dusty children´s library, husband Frank and their unruly children. The illusion of a happy family clashes with the ingenious presence of four weird monsters: work stress, middle-aged crises, puberty and bullying.\r\nDuring a masked feast, the Wishbone alterchials take an unexpected turn: parents and children remain victims of a sorcery launched by Waba Yaga witch, and assume by their magic their appearance as magic. The mummy, the licantropo, the vampire, and Frankestein´s monster will be forced to unite forces to regain their own and reverse the spell.\r\nFull 24 â
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