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Visita Guidata Case Romane del Celio
Intero: Euro 8,00 a pax + diritti di prenotazione (Euro 25,00 per gruppi composti da oltre 10 partecipanti)
Ridotto: Euro 6,00 a pax + diritti di prenotazione (Euro 25,00 per gruppi composti da oltre 10 partecipanti).

Modalità di accesso
Non è necessaria la prenotazione per singoli visitatori e per piccoli gruppi (max 10 persone) che non richiedano il servizio di visita guidata.

La prenotazione è obbligatoria per:
- gruppi (min 10 e max 27 persone)
- servizio di visita guidata
- aperture serali
- aperture straordinarie in orari e giorni diversi da quelli indicati.

Gratis: bambino fino ai 12 anni accompagnato da un adulto.

Visita guidata per gruppi in italiano: Euro 100,00 + diritti di prenotazione.
Visita guidata per gruppi in lingua straniera: Euro 110,00 + diritti di prenotazione

Ridotto: minori di 18 anni, per i dipendenti del Ministero dell'Interno, per i dipendenti del Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, per gli studenti delle facoltà di architettura, archeologia, storia dell'arte, istituti per il restauro...

Visite guidate su richiesta anche in inglese, francese, tedesco, spagnolo.

Si informa che all'interno del monumento non sono consentite riprese video e foto.

Per prenotazioni :

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The Roman Domus of Celio underlying the Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, on the slopes of the Celio, on the Clivo di Scauro between the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus, were opened to the public in 2002.
Together with the excavations of San Clemente they represent one of the most fascinating places in underground Rome due to the extraordinary state of conservation of the frescoed rooms and to the very high artistic value and religious interest of the site.

The domus, also known as the home of the martyrs Giovanni and Paolo, contain over four centuries of history and testify to the passage and coexistence of paganism and Christianity.
The vast frescoed rooms, originally shops and warehouses of a multi-storey popular building (insula), were in fact transformed during the III century. A.D. in an elegant domus.
Inside it is possible to admire some of the most beautiful late-ancient frescoes.

The Domus del Celio are owned by the Buildings Fund of Worship of the Ministry of the Interior and managed exclusively by Spazio Libero, a social cooperative society of Rome.

Every day open all day from 10am to 6pm
Tuesday and Wednesday 10: 00-14: 00

The church of San Giovanni e Paolo stands on the Celio above the remains of a house where in 362 the martyrdom of the two Saints took place. Towards the end of the 3rd century the entire block was bought by a single owner and was renovated in order to obtain a large mansion. At the beginning of the fourth century the house became a meeting place for the Christian community in the area and towards the end of that century the complex became a real sanctuary where the tombs of the martyrs were worshiped. Some parts of the building were adapted to the new needs of the cult and a small room was created, equipped with a small window (fenestella confessionis), from which the faithful could look out on the burials of the martyrs. The walls of this environment were decorated with a cycle of paintings dating back to the second half of the fourth century. In the 5th century, for the construction of the church, the upper floors of the house were demolished and the ground floor was buried, thus allowing the preservation of all the rooms.
Clivo di Scauro
Roma (Rione Celio- Terme di Caracalla (Roma centro))