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Colosseo senza fila
Visite guidate ai Sotterranei e Terzo Ordine

Intero : ? 17,00 (diritti di agenzia inclusi)

Ridotto : ? 11,50 (diritti di agenzia inclusi)

Ingresso gratuito
La prima domenica di ogni mese. Per i cittadini sotto i 18 anni della ComunitÓ Europea ed extracomunitari sempre.

Per prenotazioni :

Viale Regina Margherita, 192 - 00198 ROMA
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Colosseum no queue: visit the Colosseum no waiting in line.

Combined ticket Colosseum Roman Forum and Palatine, valid for 2 days
Full : ÔéČ 14,00 + ÔéČ 3,00 agency fees
Reduced : ÔéČ 9,50 + ÔéČ 3,00 agency fees
Free : European and non-European people under 18
Free admission on the first Sunday of the month

Reservations :

Viale Regina Margherita, 192 - 00198 ROMA
Tel. 06/ Fax 06/

Visiting hours
Open 08.30 - 16.30 from the last Sunday of October to 15 February: last admission at 15.30, exit at 16.30
08.30 - 17.00 from the 16 of February to 15 of March: last admission at 16.00, exit at 17.00
08.30 - 17.30 from the 16 of March to last Saturday of March: last admission at 16.30, exit at 17.30
08.30 - 19.15 from the last Sunday of March to 31 of August: last admission at 18.150, exit at 19.15
08.30 - 19.00 from 1 of September to 30 of September: last admission at 18.00, exit at 19.00
08.30 - 18.30 from the 1 of October to the last Saturday of October: last admission at 17.30, exit at 18.30
Good Friday 8.30 am - 2 pm, 2 June 1:30 am- 7:15 pm

Construction of the Colosseum was started under the emperor Vespasian and was completed by his son Titus in 80 A.D.
Originally named the amphitheatre of Flavio, it became known as the colosseum because of an enormous bronze statue of Nero which in the second century A.D. was placed near by the monument.
The building was used for gladiator fights, hunting simulations involving ferocious and exotic animals and similar entertainments

The building was constructed with blocks of stone and brickwork.
The outside is composed of four levels, the first three of which are made up of 80 arches while the fourth is divided into sections interspersed with windows.
On this level were placed both stone and wooden supports which held an enormous canopy which served as a roof to protect the spectators from the elements. The brickwork on the inner building was finished with a marble veneer.
The arena itself was a huge wooden floor covered with sand while the subterranean passages consisted of a series of tunnels where the wild beasts and various equipment used during spectacles were held.
Holding up to 73.000 spectators, entrance to the Colosseum was regulated through a ticket system, with each ticket indicating where the holder should go through the internal passages and corridors to find his or her seat.
Piazza del Colosseo