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The spectacular Broadway musical that screams out at happiness

Harvey Fierstein lyrics
Music and lyrics Cyndi Lauper
The Musical based on the Miramax Motion Picture film KINKY BOOTS
written by Geoff Dean and Tim Firth
with Marco Stabile Charlie Price
Stan Believe Lola / Simon
Martina Lunghi Lauren
Lisa Graps Nicol & agrave;
Giuseppe Galizia George
Michele Savoia Don
Claudia Campolongo Trish
Mary The Targia Pat
Claudio Zanelli Harry
Michel Orlando Richard
Maurizio Desinan Mr. Price
Max French Father of Lola / Eric

Pasquale Girone
Pierluigi Lima
Daniele Romano
Giulio Benvenuti
Giuseppe Savino
Christian Maesani

and with
Giulio Pangi Simon
Giusy Miccoli Ally
Giacomo Marcheschi Matt
Cira Marangi Lili
Luca Buttiglieri Dawson
Valeria Ianni Carrie
Luca Pozzar Thomas
Vittoria Brescia June
Aaron Desinan & ndash; Daniele Sormani Charlie Price Jr.
Luca Fabbri & ndash; Damian Samb Simon Jr
The Orchestracz

Stefano Damiano Keyboard 2
Paolo Petrini, Luca Bettolini Guitar 1
Marco Tersigni Guitar 2
Daniele Low Brands
Marco Campagna Battery
Ezio Allevi Reed
Marcello Ronchi Trumpet
Cisco Parini Trombone
Carmelo Emanuele Patti Violin
Scenes Francesco Fassone
Costumes Lella Diaz
Amilcare Lights Channels
Sound Simone Della Scala

Directed by & nbsp; Claudio Insegno

Production of & nbsp; New Milan Theater

One of the greatest musicals arrives in Rome; expected of this season. After Saturday Night Fever, Jersey Boys, Spamalot, Hairspray, The Addams Family, THE NEW THEATER IN MILAN & egrave; ready to launch its new production.
Directed by Claudio Insegno the show, a true celebration of friendship, integration and happiness, features Marco Stabile and Stan Believe in the roles Charlie Price and Lola / Simon respectively. The music and lyrics are by Cyndi Lauper and the booklet & egrave; signed by Harvey Fierstein.
A show that will drag you along from the narrow spaces of the factory to the glamorous fashion shows in Milan. A shoe factory & egrave; the heavy inheritance & agrave; that Charlie Price finds himself having to handle after the sudden death of his father. Unfortunately business does not go as it should, but when everything seems lost, just when Charlie starts firing his first employees, here on the streets of London his destiny fatally crosses that of Lola, a drag queen so exuberant as gifted of a strong flair for what is fashionable and trendy. The show tells the story of the friendship between Charlie and Lola, whose musical shows become inspiration for the creation of a collection of sensual women's boots, capable of bearing the weight of a man in travesti. Thanks to the production of these amazing boots, Charlie will be able to to consecrate his dream of joining the Milan MICAM, the most important one; great fair dedicated to this fundamental accessory.
A story like this; unique and strongly linked to the world of footwear, it could only be greeted with enthusiasm by MICAM who wanted to sponsor the show's debut. & ldquo; Through Kinky Boots, MICAM aims to make people reflect in a new way on the value of generational turnover in family-run businesses that also in Italy constitute the fulcrum of the footwear sector & ndash; explains Annarita Pilotti, President of Assocalzaturifici and MICAM - Emphasizing the importance of knowing how to reinvent oneself with courage, sometimes even making particularly risky choices, the message of the musical tells the story of a possible redemption but also highlights the people who animate the production of a quality shoe & agrave; & rdquo;
& Egrave; everything is ready, therefore, to celebrate life, friendship, solidarity & agrave; and integration, the courage to dare but above all the openness towards those whom society is considers “different”.
& nbsp;

Replicas open from 23 to 26 January on ticketone

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