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Locked Rome Escape Room: The secrets of Da Vinci and Heisenberg’s Laboratory Via degli Scipioni, 236 - Romeguide: best events in Rome
Locked Rome Escape Room: The secrets of Da Vinci and Heisenberg’s Laboratory
From 01/06/2018 to 31/12/2018
Via degli Scipioni, 236 - Web page
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Locked Rome Escape Room: I Segreti di Da Vinci e Heisenberg’s Laboratory

Locked Rome Escape Room: The Secrets of Da Vinci and Heisenberg's Laboratory. In Rome, two fun escape rooms dedicated to the secrets of the genius Leonardo da Vinci or the legendary TV series.

The Secrets of Da Vinci
1 Hour 30 Min.
An escape room dedicated to the secrets of the genius Leonardo da Vinci

Heisenberg's Laboratory
1 hour
An escape room dedicated to the legendary TV series

The escape room is a new concept of entertainment dedicated to those who want to test their intelligence, logic, intuition and the advantages of team spirit in a unique way, away from the light of the monitor, experiencing live scenarios seen on screen or read in stories. It is time for you to move on to the next phase by becoming the protagonist yourself and solving the mystery of every room at Locked Rome.
Get ready to train the muscles of the brain!
The stories of Locked Rome are based on associations of ideas, knowledge, logic and communication between team members.
Is your mind eager for real adventure? Are you ready to demonstrate your detective skills and work under pressure with your team? It's time to play smart! This principle effectively combines training with the fun of teamwork. be careful! It is not advisable to use your physical strength! Use your brain, not your muscles, to intelligently solve the mysteries of Locked Rome's rooms and escape in the given time - 60 minutes.
Things are not what they seem to be!
The most important thing you'll learn in Locked escape rooms is that things are not always what they seem!

The weekend is coming and you have no idea what to do to avoid the routine? Here are a couple of reasons to come to us:
This is a real experience.
Escape rooms offer a unique, original and fun experience!
This is a wonderful group activity! You can come with your loved one or with your best friend, or even challenge your friends to those who will flee in the shortest time.
Escape rooms are an excellent solution for team building.
You will be part of the scenarios that until now you have only read or seen in your favorite movies!
The stories you will take part in will lead you to think, make intelligent associations, test different skills, overcome your fears, work in groups and react under pressure.
You will enjoy new experiences with each new room!

Book one of the Locked Rome rooms now!

1 Hour 30 Min.
An ancient legend tells that Leonardo Da Vinci was looking for the secret of eternal life. Some say he actually found it ... Is genius still among us today?
Come join the exclusive company "The Order of Da Vinci" and take part in an immersive experience with incredible visual effects, intrigues and twists!
An exclusive 90-minute experience - enough time to explore an epic, intricate and fun-filled journey through the paintings, inventions and works of the great artist, with a scene that will not leave you speechless.
With sophisticated finishes, decorations, puzzles and handmade equipment, designed specifically for this mission.
We believe in the power of the group and you can solve some games only with teamwork.
This is your way! Compete your mission and discover the Da Vinci Secrets!
90 minutes to get away from this fantastic escape room
"Da Vinci's Secret" - 90 min mission for 2 to 6 players.
2 pax 50 Euro / Group
3 pax 75 euros / Group
4 pax 80 Euro / Group
5 pax 100Euro / Group
6 pax 120 Euro / Group

1 hour
You have been hired in the renowned "pollos Hermanos" but something has gone wrong and you are found prisoners in the underground laboratory with a bomb that threatens your life, will you be able to discover the office of Gus to recover the codes of the bomb?
60 minutes to get away from this fantastic escape room
"Heisenberg's Laboratory" - 60 min mission for 2 to 6 players.
2 pax 40 Euro / Group
3 pax 60 Euro / Group
4 pax 68 euros / Group
5 pax 75 euros / Group
6 Pax 90 Euro / Group

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