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Aladin the Musical in Rome at the Brancaccio since October 2nd 2019...
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Aladin the Musical in Rome at the Brancaccio since October 2nd 2019.

ALADIN by Maurizio colombi
From the creators of "Rapunzel the Musical" and "The Queen of Ice the Musical"
Original music and musical arrangements
Davide Magnabosco, Paolo Barillari, Alessandro Procacci
scenes Alessandro Chiti
choreography Rita Pivano
costumes Francesca Grossi

Directed by Maurizio Colombi

Production of Alessandro Longobardi for Officine del Teatro Italiano in collaboration with Viola Produzioni.

After the great success of "Rapunzel the Musical" and "The Queen of Ice the musical"
Alessandro Longobardi produces for OTI - Officine del Teatro Italiano, in collaboration with Viola Produzioni,
ALADIN the new great family show, which will debut at the Brancaccio theater in Rome in October 2019, conceived and directed by Maurizio Colombi.
A reinterpretation of one of the main novels contained in the collection of oriental fairy tales "The Thousand and One Nights", to create a comic and irreverent musical that plays with the misunderstanding.
The setting is that romantic Middle Eastern with some Bollywood-style influences.
The music uses 8 edited tracks arranged in Raì style, a musical genre born in Algeria and Morocco (among which we remember those by Jeb Khaled) and others specially composed by the consolidated trio Davide Magnabosco, Alex Procacci and Paolo Barillari already Authors of the soundtrack of "Rapunzel the musical" and "The Queen of ice the musical".
In history, in addition to the well-known characters: Aladin, the Genius, etc., new characters have been created that make the dramaturgy richer and more interesting.
The cast will consist of 20 direct performers in the choreographies by Rita Pivano. The scenes will be signed by Alessandro Chiti, the costumes by Francesca Grossi, the musical direction will be by Davide Magnabosco.

The new great family musical is waiting for you!
are you ready to express your wish?
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