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Impressionisti Francesi da Monet a Cézanne
Palazzo degli Esami
dal 05-10-2018 al 06-01-2019
  • Impressionisti Francesi da Monet a Cézanne - Palazzo degli Esami
  • Impressionisti Francesi da Monet a Cézanne - Palazzo degli Esami
  • Impressionisti Francesi da Monet a Cézanne - Palazzo degli Esami
  • Impressionisti Francesi da Monet a Cézanne - Palazzo degli Esami
  • Impressionisti Francesi da Monet a Cézanne - Palazzo degli Esami
  • Impressionisti Francesi da Monet a Cézanne - Palazzo degli Esami

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French Impressionists from Monet to Cézanne in an immersive exhibition in Rome at the Palazzo degli Esami from October 5, 2018.

In the heart of Trastevere, the evocative rooms of the Palazzo degli Esami host, from October 5, 2018, the exhibition that celebrates the most famous French impressionist painters and one of the most fascinating periods in the history of modern art.

For the first time in Italy, a long-awaited opening in Rome of the great international French Impressionist exhibition - from Monet to Cézanne that pays tribute to the great artists considered to be the forerunners of a new way of observing the world and the surrounding nature, of expressing immediacy and fluidity through the contrast of lights and shadows and vivid colors in the pictorial context.

The exhibition, designed specifically for the rooms of the Palazzo degli Esami, will lead the public back in time, in the Paris of the nineteenth century: a bohémien heart, pulsating with creativity and innovation, which was about to change once and for all the face of European art.

Both adults and children are able to immerse themselves in this fascinating and influential artistic movement. Here, breathtaking works are projected with vivacity and accuracy on an immense scale, to bring back, with greater dimensions of reality, the bold brushstrokes of Monet, Degas, Pissarro, Cézanne and many others...

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   Information sur l'événement:

The visit of the exhibition allows you to delve into an environment illuminated exclusively by the images of the works of the great masters, so clear and real to emotionally involve the visitor and make him feel totally inserted in the context of the works (immersive effect). The perfect union between the projections and the scenery offered by the magnificent Palazzo degli Esami reopened to the public after a few decades, offers an incredibly evocative and timeless scene to the great multimedia of the exhibition. Thousands of images depicting the French Impressionist masterpieces are projected full-screen thanks to SENSORY4 ™ technology: high-definition projectors, multi-channel graphics and surround sound all contribute to creating one of the most immersive multi-screen environments in the world. The way in which the French Impressionists represented modernity and movement, light and shadow, continues to be admired and emulated by generations of artists.

Two centuries later, the Grande Exhibitions SENSORY4 ™ technology gives life to their work through the incredible use of light and shadow in a completely new way that the artists themselves could not even imagine. Allow your senses to enjoy the sight and sounds of 19th-century Paris through the eyes of the painters who made it immortal.

To make the overall atmosphere even more suggestive is the vibrant soundtrack, with music by Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Ravel, Offenbach. It will be an opportunity for schools and students to experience great art in a new way thanks to the educational workshops set up for different levels of education.
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