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The Spirit of Caravaggio. Immersive Experience
Sale del Bramante
dal 01-06-2017 al 12-11-2017


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The Spirit of Caravaggio. Immersive Experience: a multimedia exhibition in Rome in the Bramante Halls until November 12, 2017.

"The Spirit of Caravaggio" is a multimedia journey to know and celebrate a controversial character and sometimes wrapped in mystery like the great Master of the Seventeenth Century, Michelangelo Merisi.
A multisensory experience that unfolds not only through the thousand faces portrayed by the painter: the Bari, Judith, Winner, Maddalena Penitente, but through the emotions they communicate; pain, astonishment, agony, irony, piety and violence, purification and rebirth, in an exceptional setting; the spectacular Bramante Halls.

Colors, impressions and details brought to light in an immersive and evocative journey that takes place through the personal involvement of the spectator that is carried to a unique multisensory experience. The entirely digital exhibition boasts high-quality video projections to retrace all the paintings of the great Master Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio on an extraordinary site such as the "Bramante Hall" complex, witnessing the passage of Caravaggio himself...

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Total 350 sqm divided into three exhibition areas that carry the observer in the heart of Rome baroque in those same rooms already used by many artists who used it as a study and laboratory: first of all the Renaissance architect Bramante but also Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio who there he worked at the Cycle of the Cerasi Chapel.

At the end of the multisensory route, it is possible to visit the Sepulcher of the Domizi, the ancient tomb of the early imperial age where the ashes of Nero were presumably buried Less Infos>> .