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Real Bodies Roma
Guido Reni District
dal 08-04-2017 al 02-07-2017

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Real Bodies in Rome at Guido Reni District from April 8th to July 2nd 2017, in an edition dedicated to athletes in Olympic poses!

Despite the City of Rome will not host the Games of 2024, from 8 April in the capital you can admire the same anatomy and biomechanics of many specialties of the famous sporting event. Discus, 100 and 200 meter dash, Marathon, fencing, 110 meter hurdles, archery, as well as football, boxing, basketball, taekwondo, gymnastics, weightlifting, cycling. Are just a few sports that eventually will be on display from the Roman and Lazio in the public exhibition of the exhibition "Real Bodies, discover the human body," huge cultural event that will bring to Rome the most impressive anatomical exhibition ever made in the world, with 350 of real human organs and whole bodies plastinated, opening from 8 April to July 2, 2017 on an exhibition area of ​​2000 square meters area at the Guido Reni District in Rome.

There is already great expectations for the grand international exhibition of plastinated bodies and organs back from an unprecedented success in Milan where, in less than six months, has dug totaling 250,000 inputs, and even devote an entire section to many of the most popular sports, but also to other specialties practiced by many Romans in their daily lives such as body building, martial arts, aerobics, dance ....

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A special focus will also be reserved for the most recent sports such as pole dancing and cross fit increasingly popular in gyms. All this to emphasize the importance of keeping the body healthy and efficiency, exposing the bodies of plastinated athletes engaged in sports gestures of many specialties in the "Gallery of Athletes", one of the nine sections of the international exhibition with a strong visual impact and the great dynamism.

Find out how they work under the skin contractions of antagonistic muscles, exploiting the tension of samples tendons as Edin Dzeko and Francesco Totti during extreme athletic effort in search of the goal or the assist, observe closely the functional differences between a sports role and another, analyze the anatomy of possible injuries Processing wear prevention that the sports specialization of the body inevitably entails. In fact some of the many objectives which aims to highlight the exhibition "Real Bodies, discover the human body" that at the same time will have an important educational role to inform and educate the new generations urging them to practice sport to combat endemic diseases of modern societies such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension.

The bodies of all sports champions the organizers explained that for months they are working to realize the special edition custom-designed for the City of Rome for the first time will be visible directly under the skin in the ten real bodies of athletes strictly plastinated, some recently deceased and in the process of plastination in these days, a process that leads to the complete replacement of body fluids with polymers for always blocking the decomposition of the corpse, a technique that, in its apparent simplicity, requires about 1500 hours of work.
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