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Live Ancient Rome Tour: un tour del Colosseo utilizzando visori per la realt virtuale ed una ricostruzione 3D
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Live Colosseum Walking Tour with Virtual Reality: experience one of ancient Rome’s largest and arguably most impressive monument in a new and immersiv.

- Live Ancient Rome Walking 3h 77.00 euro adults and 57.00 euro children until 18
- Live Colosseum Walking Tour 1h3030 57.00 euro adults and 43.00 euro children until 18

Starting at 9.00 am and 2.30 pm

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Viale Regina Margherita, 192 - 00198 ROMA
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Experience one of ancient Rome’s largest and arguably most impressive monument in a new and immersive way with the “Live Colosseum Walking Tour with Virtual Reality”. Through an animated and interactive 3D certificated historical reconstruction, combined with multilingual audio and heroic musical backgrounds, you can explore the Colosseum like never before.

On our virtual reality tour you will watch the Colosseum come to life in all her ancient glory with our immersive and innovative technology.

Once your introduction is completed by our authorized tour guide and before entering the Colosseum, you will wear a last-generation display Oculus VR and will be virtually immersed in the Colosseum square...

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Through an animated 3D reconstruction, travel back to ancient eras of nearly 2000 years ago and move in real time between the Roman?s admiring the Colosseum?s greatness and beauty, the majestic statue of Nero, the Meta Sudan?s and the Temple of Venus and Roma.

After the square, your guide will accompany you with ?skip the line? ticket inside what is the most famous and well preserved monument in the world, the Colosseum. The symbol of Rome and perhaps all of Italy and also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, the Colosseum was the place where many great spectacles happened in front of audiences 50,000-75,000 in size. Enjoy the upstairs where Roman spectators sat and appreciate an overview of the performances that would take place below. Your tour guide will then take you to your second virtual stage ? inside the arena, where you can experience the excitement between the roar of ferocious lions and gladiator combat Less Infos>> . With your VR glasses, you will have an impression of the size and power of the Colosseum, and even decide the fate of the wounded as if you were Emperor.

At the end of the Colosseum tour, after selfies and group photographs are taken, your guide will accompany you on the ground floor at arena height where you will complete your final virtual stage ? the mysterious underground, typically unknown to tourists and difficult to book. Here, you will witness slaves moving around silently to prepare and coordinate all the items necessary to make the show a success. With your VR glasses, you can travel through various corridors and view gladiators preparing their weapons for battle, and a detailed reconstruction of historical hoists which are normally invisible to visitors and used by Domiziano in Marcino (end of the first century AD ? III AD) to suddenly project the beasts on the arena to animate hunting performances and death sentences.
Book our Live Colosseum Guided Tour with Virtual Reality and journey through one of the most important eras of Ancient Rome?s history!